What We Do

We offer educational programmes. The variety of the programmes is one of the major strengths of the organisation: people learn in different ways, and activities appeal to different types of people; to this end our programmes are designed to appeal to as wide an audience as possible and to engage with different learning styles in an effective manner.

Much of the success of these programmes is due to the large number of clubs, societies and groups that have affiliated to the Academy. The Academy develops and offers the programmes, and these groups then go ahead to implement and deliver the programmes to club members and to the general public. A group of skilled and trained volunteers help to run the Academy and often give their time and expertise to deliver some of the programmes personally.

To this end, the Academy seeks to help "historical hobbyist" groups with group formation, running and development; we seek to provide high quality tuition to many different demographs within society; and we seek to build skills and confidence in people with the aim to increase volunteering among young people in Scotland.

Some of the educational programmes offered by the Academy are delivered by Academy instructors directly, rather than through affiliated clubs and society. For example, our school visits programme sees volunteers go into local schools to make presentations and to give talks and demonstrations. Our volunteers work closely with the Glasgow Museums to organise events and to run demonstrations for the general public. We have a team of skilled writers who co-author an online blog together so that an online international audience may benefit from the orgnaisation's work.