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Rapier for Beginners

Come and learn how to fight with single rapier in the robust Venetian style of Nicoletto Giganti.

This 5 hour workshop set in the gorgeous University of Glasgow cloisters is bound to set you on your path to becoming a true rapier fighter.

This is a beginner friendly event, but even if you have some experience with the rapier you are bound to learn something new or work on your basics. Wear athletic clothing and preferably a long-sleeved garment (a hoody is fine). There will be a few small breaks through the workshop and a 1 hour break for lunch.

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Reinis has trained in Kendo and Olympic Fencing, but once he found HEMA in 2010 he knew that it was the martial art for him. He is a competent tournament fighter having won medals in several events of national and international scale.

His main areas of study are the swordsmanship of the 18th and 19th centuries, sabre broadsword/backsword and smallsword. His secondary field of interest is 17th century single rapier from masters such as Girard Thibault and Nicoletto Giganti. Reinis also enjoys some of the more unorthodox longsword styles (such as Vadi and interpretations of Thibault), Victorian and Edwardian walking stick combat, WWII combatives.

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