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Rapier Seminar with Rob Runacres

The Academy of Historical Arts is delighted to host Rob Runacres for a rapier seminar in the middle of September this year. The seminar will be a two-day affair, looking at Italian rapier. Specifically, the event should equip interested parties with the knowledge and fundamental skills to kick-start their own detailed study of the system, with a view to being able to run study groups or further introductory courses themselves to spread the study of rapier throughout the Academy.

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Attendance fee: £50. You will receive an invoice by email shortly after booking your attendance, but probably no earlier than the 15th of August.

Monies raised from attendance at this event will cover the cost of the event and will also go towards covering some of the financial investment the organisation has made to buy in the spare rapiers.


The venue is going to be the AHA's new warehouse, just next to the Bridge Street subway station. There is some parking space nearby, although it is pay-and-display from 8am-6pm on Saturdays. There are plenty of buses running nearby, and it is about 10 minute's walk from Central Station.

The address is 63 Commerce Street, Glasgow, G5 8EP. Here it is on a map, with walking directions from Glasgow Central: https://goo.gl/maps/XD68g


Rob Runacres is the instructor for the Renaissance Sword Club in the UK. His main passions are for rapier and sidesword forms, and he has taught a variety of workshops in Europe, of particular note rapier and cloak, rapier and dagger and sidesword and dagger. The main Masters he studies are Salvator Fabris and Giovanni dall'Agocchie, but within a wider context of other authors. A consuming passion is the translation of French sources from the seventeenth century and has published translations of L'Espée De Combat (1623) by Francois Dancie, Discours de la theorie de la pratique et de l'excellence des armes by André Desbordes (1610) and the first part of Le Maitre D'Arme Liberal (1653) by Charles Besnard. He has also translated Villamont's translation of Hieronyme Calvacabo's Italian treatise of 1595 and is currently working on a translation of the original as well as a number of other French and Italian treatises.

In January 2013, Rob was privileged with honorary membership of De Taille et d'Estoc.

Rob is a strong believer in Western Martial Arts as a modern discipline with historical roots, rather than simply a recreation of specific treatises. He is perhaps happiest when teaching.

Cancellations & Refunds

In 2014, the Distance Selling Regulations for the UK were replaced with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. As this event is a leisure event with a defined date, it is exempt from requirements to provide the right to cancel once a booking has been made (CCR Part 3, Section 28, 1(h)). However, as a show of good faith, we will continue to offer our old cancellation policy, which is described below.

If you wish to cancel your booking and receive a refund, please make sure you read the following steps and understand the process.

1. If you wish to cancel your booking, you must notify us by email before the event takes place.

2. You can request a cancellation of your booking and a full refund of your payment for any reason at any time within 7 days of receipt of the email confirming your booking.

3. Upon receipt of your email requesting a cancellation and refund, if it is sent within 7 days of placing your booking, we will give you a full refund of the amount paid or an exchange credit as required.

4. You must contact us in writing via a reasonably permanent medium (i.e. paper or email, not Facebook) to request a cancellation and refund. Failure to do so may result in your refund being withheld.

5. If you have a problem with part of the booking arrangements, please contact us in the first instance. Often disputes can be worked out and a mutually beneficial agreement reached by simply providing this courtesy.

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C) If you register to attend the event, then wish to cancel your booking more than 7 days later, we will be unable to provide a refund (as per note B), but we may be able to provide your attendance slot to another person at no additional cost if you contact us at least 14 days before the event to request the change of name. Once there are fewer than 14 days remaining until the event, we are unable to accept any changes to our list of participants.

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