HEMAC Glasgow 2016

HEMAC Glasgow 2016 will be an important event in the calendar for longsword practitioners in Scotland. The theme of the event will be comparing the key stylistic elements of different longsword systems. Instructors will present lessons showcasing the key stylistic elements of the longsword system that they train. At the end of the event, we will have a round table discussion to compare and contrast the different styles taught over the weekend.

People who are not Academy members are welcome to join us at this event, and in fact we enjoy the experience of meeting and training with outsiders! Many individuals who have come along as a guest to one of our Academy events have returned to take part in more of our events. Some such guests even end up becoming Academy members because they have enjoyed their experience so much. Our events tend to be very enjoyable, participants enjoy themselves thoroughly and go home with many fond memories and stories.

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