Vanguard 2015

Vanguard was originally designed for new members of the Academy to have the opportunity to see all that the Academy had to offer in an intense weekend training event. This year however the decision has been made to transform the event so that it not only focuses on new members but also on returning members allowing them to take part in some slightly more advanced classes while the new members take part in beginner level classes. The location has also moved from the University of Glasgow Cloisters and Quadrangles to the fantastic Old Buittle Tower, a medieval fortification in Dumfries which has hosted Robert the Bruce and other famous Scottish figures.

Vanguard is the most intense event ran by the Academy, where other events were designed as Standard events with a Challenge Stream Vanguard was a Challenge event which later added a Standard Stream. With this in mind you can expect an event filled with non-stop activity and although challenging all who complete the event will find it very rewarding. Those who wish to undertake Vanguard in its original style may sign up for Challenge Stream where they will be put through their paces by experienced instructors who have completed Challenge events previously. For those who want to take part in the event but without the intensity of Challenge Stream we invite you to sign up for Standard Stream which is more relaxed but still full of activity. Finally this year we are offering the opportunity to attend the event as a non-participant observer, those who select this option will be able to attend and watch the event, enjoy the banter, try out the missile weapons and attend the antique handling and other displays but will not be actively taking part in classes. We hope this will provide the necessary opportunities for all who wish to attend in any capacity.

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