Affiliate Your Club

If you are involved with running a club or society that studies the historical arts then you can affiliate to our organisation. The process is relatively simple and painless, and there are several benefits to affiliation:

- advertising for your group through the Academy website.

- access to advice and help with marketing, fundraising, lesson planning, teaching and recruiting from the senior instructors and administrators of the Academy.

- access to our organisation's insurance cover for your club's educational activities.

- club members become eligible for discounts for purchases through the Academy's shop.

- club members become eligible for discounted attendance fees for Academy events.

We are working to improve the club-management services offered through our website, to reduce the day-to-day paperwork and administrative burden for club officials. Hopefully our club-management services will be a welcome tool and aid to affiliated clubs!

It is the Academy's goal to make the hands-on study of the historical arts as safe and professional as possible, while remaining as open and accessible to as many people as possible. As a result, there are a few requirements that affiliated clubs must meet:

- the club must meet the Academy's health and safety regulations (and may choose exceed them).

- the club must have a uniform requirement, to present a professional appearance.

- the club must meet the minimum standards set out in the AHA Equal Opportunities Policy, the AHA Protection Policy and the AHA Data Privacy Policy. Furthermore, there must be a Complaints Policy and a Disciplinary Policy that sets out how these issues will be handled within the group - the AHA Complaints Policy and AHA Disciplinary Policy may be used by affiliated groups. Groups are welcome to use these policy documents or to develop similar documents in-house. However, the rules within these policy documents must be met and should be viewed as the minimum recommended standard for professionalism, legal obligations and safety of individuals.

- the club must have a constitution document, which must include a suitable termination clause.

For more information about the process of affiliation your club to the Academy, please contact us to discuss the matter in more depth.