Birmingham HEMA Club

Birmingham HEMA Club was founded to explore and rediscover the martial arts techniques and treatises of the weapons-masters of medieval and renaissance Europe. We're a very practical club, bringing combat styles to life with an emphasis on martial application and combat sparring. We specialise in the works of the Italian fight-master Fiore Dei Liberi, though often employ methods and techniques learned from the German-derived systems to develop a more rounded combat technique.

We're a very friendly group, and always willing to bring on new members. Our club currently contains members from all walks of life; modern fencers, stage-combat performers, students, office-workers, sports-massage therapists, and even a pharmacist. A background in martial arts isn’t necessary, all you need is to have a reasonable level of fitness and be willing to learn and enjoy yourself.

HEMA is an efficient and technical martial art, and deals with armed and unarmed combat techniques that should be handled carefully. We take our safety commitments very seriously and our students are always instructed with that in mind. By attending regularly your proficiency will grow quickly, and blade-technique will improve well. However, we understand that people can't always attend every week, so don't let a busy schedule get in the way of learning a brilliant and beautiful skill.


For more information, please visit the Birmingham HEMA website.

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