Cambridge HEMA

Cambridge HEMA is a historical fencing club based in Cambridge, UK. Our primary focus of study is Liechtenauer's tradition of fighting with the longsword, using Sigmund Ringeck's manual as our primary source material. We train as a study group, so each member is encouraged to bring helpful thoughts and ideas to the exploration of the sources we work on.

Day and Time:

Every Tuesday, 8pm-10pm


Mayfield Primary School,
Warwick Road,

Disciplines Studied:

The club focuses on learning how to fence with the German longsword.

Club Membership and Fees:

Anyone over the age of 18 may become a member of the IHA.

First session is free, and the monthly training cost is £15 per month thereafter. There is also a £15 per year membership fee, payable by the end of the first month.

Club Uniform (and what to bring with you):

Top: a "Cambridge Blue" t-shirt or sports top, optionally with the club logo.

Bottoms: black trousers/skirt/shorts, or similar black garment.

Socks, shoes, etc may be any colour. Protective equipment may also be any colour, due to its expense.

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