Courses of Study

If you need several sessions of teaching, coaching or consultation, then the professional instructors within the organisation are able to arrange this. Not every skill can be learned and consolidated within a single training session; often it will require several sessions to reinforce the initial lesson and to develop the skill beyond merely a basic understanding.

Good topics for courses of study include crafting skills, fencing skills, "conversion courses" to help convert existing knowledge in a skill such disciplines as modern fencing, eastern martial arts, historical fencing stage-fighting into skills for one of the other disciplines. For example, historical fencers may be required to perform public demonstrations, and this requires quite a different set of skills. A "conversion course" of a handful of lessons would help to ease this transition.

Courses of study will normally be billed by the hour at the standard hourly rate.

For further information about the rates for our professional instructors, please see these pages:
- Keith Farrell (rates and fees)
- Ben Kerr (rates and fees)

If you would like to get in touch about organising one of these courses, please contact us. We will endeavour to respond swiftly and to answer any questions you have.