We are Not a Re-enactment Society

It is important to note that our organisation is not a re-enactment society, and that we do not offer re-enactment style entertainment services.

We focus on teaching about history in a very hands-on fashion, giving people the chance not only to experience the historical arts, but to develop their skills and work towards becoming competent practitioners of the historical arts. Therefore the focus of our services is very much on the individual participants, helping them to develop themselves and their own abilities, rather than putting on entertainment or a show for an audience.

A re-enactment society will generally provide public demonstrations, where society members dress in historical costumes and provide a demonstration of living history, or possibly even a battle re-enactment.

The main focus in re-enactment is to strive for as much authenticity as possible in the look, feel and atmosphere of the individuals, activities and encampment. However, especially with battle re-enactments, authenticity must be compromised in terms of the fighting systems, for health and safety reasons. Historically, people struck each other in the head, stabbed each other, and grappled; but many historical re-enactment have rules to prohibit some of these concepts (and thus compromise the authenticity of their fighting demonstrations) in order to focus on the authenticity of the costuming

Comparatively, practitioners of historical fencing (the historical fighting systems that are taught within our organisation) care little for the authenticity of the costume or the look of the individuals; the focus is on developing the authenticity of the fighting systems, researched and reconstructed meticulously from medieval, renaissance and early modern treatises and textbooks. Our practitioners wear modern safety gear (such as fencing masks and well padded gloves) in order to achieve maximum authenticity within the fighting system, and must therefore compromise on the authenticity of the look and costume in order to perform correctly.

We do offer public demonstrations of historical fencing, showcasing different historical fighting systems. These can be an interesting and educational addition to your event - but it is important to bear in mind that our demonstrators will wear modern safety equipment in order to recreate the historical fencing as correctly and authentically as possible.

If you would like to get in touch about organising one of these demonstrations, please contact us. We will endeavour to respond swiftly and to answer any questions you have.