Alex Bourdas

Alex Bourdas

Brief Summary

Alex started training in HEMA in Glasgow in 2008, deciding soon afterwards to focus on Liechtenauer tradition longsword. While longsword is still his primary discipline, he has since broadened his interests to include halfsword, sword and buckler, messer, dagger, and staff. Alex is also interested in some of the more exotic weapons such as peasant staff and sickle, as seen in Paulus Hector Mair.

Alex also has a strong interest in correct body mechanics, particularly in regard to working towards fixing problems in stance, mobility and muscular imbalances for the sake of long term health.

Recently Alex co-authored the AHA German Longsword Study Guide together with Keith Farrell and hopes this will help to make German longsword more accessible and easier to understand.

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Teaching Experience

Alex has taught at several events within the UK and Ireland:

- AHA Loch Lomond (UK, 2009-2015)
- AHA Vanguard (UK, 2009-2012, 2015)
- HEMAC Glasgow (UK, 2012-2013)
- FightCamp (UK, 2012-2015)
- Féile na Gaiscígh (Ireland, 2015)

In addition to teaching at these events, Alex has been teaching in Glasgow since 2008, and is now a regular teacher at The Vanguard Centre.

HEMA Disciplines Studied

- 14th/15th century German longsword
(main sources: Codex Hs.3227a, Codex 44.A.8, Talhoffer and Ringeck)

- 15th century German sword and buckler
(main sources: Lignitzer)

- 15th century German messer
(main source: MS E.1939.65.341 and Talhoffer)

- 15th century German armoured combat
(main sources: Von Danzig and Talhoffer)

- 15th/16th century German dagger
(main sources: Lignitzer,Talhoffer and Meyer)

- 16th century German staff weapons
(main sources: Paurenfeindt, Mair and Meyer)

Qualifications, Awards and Achievements

- awarded "Best Instructor for 2013" with Keith Farrell in the HEMA Scholar Awards (2015)
- awarded the rank of Senior Instructor within the AHA (2014)
- graduated with a PGDip in Counselling Studies from the University of Edinburgh (2014)
- received membership of HEMAC (2013)
- graduated with a PGDip in Psychology from the Glasgow Caledonian University (2012)
- received membership of the AHA Corps of Instructors (2011)
- graduated with a BSc with Merit in Psychological Studies from the University of Glasgow (2011)