In the Academy of Historical Arts, we place a great emphasis on teaching our instructors how to be effective communicators and educators. Not all of our intructors are household names for dramatic exploits or competitive success in their field of study, but they do not need to be. As long as our instructors can pass information and training to their students in a safe, effective and professional fashion, then this is the skill that we want to see above all else.

Our senior instructors are skilled at teaching several different disciplines. They are also involved deeply in the research side of the organisation, as well as the business side of things, so that the organisation can continue to grow and flourish.

Our qualified instructors have been sorted into separate lists to show what skills and activities they are qualified to teach. The Academy offers training in HEMA (historical European martial arts), traditional crafts, and music. Instructors who are qualified to teach several disciplines are named in all of the appropriate lists.

We have provided a description of what the qualification entails, the requirements to achieve the qualification, and the process of how to go about achieving the qualification. If you are interested in pursuing this, then please make yourself aware of the necessary information, and follow the process.

Furthermore, we have provided a roll of honour to record who has achieved recognition as an AHA Instructor over the years. Some of our more active instructors have also provided biographies for their profile pages, listed in the navigation bar to the left.