Mark Wilkie

Mark Wilkie

Brief Summary

Mark Wilkie started his HEMA career in 2010 when he helped to found the Renaissance Martial Arts Society, along in Dundee with Jonathan Spouge and James Burn. In 2012 he also opened the Institute for Historical Arts with James Burn.

Mark strives to produce top quality competitors, and as such, has a focus on physical training. His classes drill at a high intensity without compromising on fundamentals of HEMA.

One of Mark's greatest achievements is the number of people that have joined HEMA since 2010. The Renaissance Martial Arts Society brings in nearly 50 members each year, and the Institute for Historical Arts close to 30 members, making Dundee one of the best places to train HEMA in Scotland.

Both Dundee based schools focus on multiple different weapon systems. Personally, Mark focuses on German longsword and American Bowie Knife.

Teaching Experience

Mark has taught continual lessons in the IHA and RMAS.

He has also delivered workshops and personal coaching at:
- Helensburgh Broadsword Club
- AHA Loch Lomond
- AHA Vanguard
- FightCamp 2012
- Fechtschule Edinburgh 2012

HEMA Disciplines Studied

- 14th/15th century German longsword (for duelling)
- 17th/18th century Scottish regimental broadsword
- American Bowie (modern reconstruction)

Mark is also working towards becoming proficient in medieval German sickle and British military sabre.

HEMA Tournament and Competitive Experience

- Placed 3rd in SWASH duelling sabre (2013)
- Placed 1st in Fechtschule Edinburgh open longsword (2012)
- Placed 1st in Black Boar Invitational open sabre (2012)
- Placed 3rd in FightCamp open medieval weapons (2012)

Qualifications and Achievements

- Received membership of the AHA Corps of Instructors (2011)
- Received Comtech Bowie instructor certificate (2010)