The Process

The process to become a qualified AHA Instructor at present is as follows:

1) Subscription: you must have an up-to-date subscription to the Academy of Historical Arts.

2) Seeking tuition: you should seek tuition in how to teach from someone who is already a qualified AHA Instructor.

3) Teaching regularly: you should be teaching on a regular basis at one of the Academy's clubs.

4) Putting yourself forward: you should put yourself forward to teach a lesson at one or more of the national events organised by the Academy, or to teach an afternoon seminar for another club. You should take this opportunity to arrange for two AHA Instructors (at least one of whom should should not be from your regular club) to observe the lesson.

5) Notifying the organisation: you (or your club instructor) should alert the senior instructors that you are interested in gaining the qualification.

6) Lesson plans: you should begin drawing up lesson plans and keeping track of these in a dirary, along with key learning points after each teaching experience. You should work on developing your teaching skills according to these learning points, and the diary should show improvement in your teaching skills over time.

7) First aid: you should undertake training with a first aid training organisation, so that you gain a nationally recognised first aid qualification. If you already have an up-to-date first aid qualification that is recognised in the UK, this will be perfectly acceptable.

8) Observation: when you demonstrate your teaching skills at a national event or regional seminar, you should be observed by at least two of the AHA Instructors, and these observers can recommend your promotion to the senior instructors, who will then make the final decision. Alternatively, a senior instructor can observe the demonstrate and make the final decision.

9) Feedback: the observing instructors will provide feedback on the lesson you have taught at the national event or regional seminar. You should discuss with them how to incorporate this feedback into your usual teaching practices.

10) Conclusion: the senior instructors will notify you if you have been recognised as a qualified AHA Instructor. If you need further practice at some element of teaching before the qualification can be awarded, the senior instructors will notify you of this decision; you should then work to improve any areas of your teaching practice that held you back, and put yourself forward for another lesson or seminar as per step 4 in this list.