To receive qualification as an AHA Instructor is to receive recognition of one's skills and abilities as an instructor. Specifically, it shows that an individual can run a lesson competently and safely, teaching quality material in an effective fashion, working as an effective and clear communicator. It shows that an individual has put significant time and effort into improving his or her skills as a teacher, and that the person in question is able to foster the kind of inclusive and high-performance environment we seek to provide within the Academy.

Although many people within the Academy help with instruction on a weekly basis at clubs, not everyone has learned how to be a particularly effective communicator, or how to use effective teaching strategies. The Academy will never tell a club that a certain individual should not be allowed to teach - all our clubs are welcome to appoint whomever they so desire as local instructors. However, only those individuals who meet our requirements and follow the official process for receiving recognition as an AHA Instructor will achieve that qualification.

Skills that we look for include:

- knowing how to prepare a lesson plan
- knowing how to structure a lesson sensibly
- knowing how to manage time during a lesson

- the ability to speak clearly and intelligibly
- the ability to project the voice and be heard

- the knowledge to teach complicated details, mechanics and principles
- the knowledge of the history and context of the subject
- the ability to handle difficult questions during class time

- the ability to keep students engaged and on task
- the ability to keep students motivated
- the ability to maintain discipline within a lesson
- the ability to keep participants safe