Tim Gallagher

Brief Summary

Tim would consider his "core" HEMA disciplines to be Fiore sword, high-medieval sword and buckler (for which the primary source is 1.33) and (to a slightly lesser extent) the langes messer, primarily based on the Lekuchner manuscript. His martial arts experience began with 4+ years of boxing/kick-boxing. Though he had a similar amount of time with a rather embarassing medievalesque reenactmentesque group, he has long rejected this route to martial excellence.

Tim considers himself something of a generalist in his martial interests, seeking to become an effective fighter with all early period weapons. At the moment, he is particularly interested in the uses of shields, pole-weapons and unarmed fighting. The later period weapons are of interest only insofar as they illuminate the use of the earlier weapons. As a byproduct of seeking the commonalities between weapons, Tim has long considered athletic ability to be central to effective fighting performance, to the extent he has given classes on this suject at events.

Whilst not a noted researcher, Tim is developing an appreciation for the sophistication of the manuscript sources and spends much of his "thinking about fighting" time considering how to apply the material under the pressure of a simulated fight. He is certain this will be a lifelong endeavour.

He has travelled widely throughout Europe, particularly in past years when his enthusiasm was less focused and the AHA was less active, and has had the very great benefit of seeing a great many subtly (and not so subtly) different ways of doing HEMA.

Though no longer particularly interested in the tournament scene, Tim has competed sucessfully at both UK and international events, and has considerable experience in organising, judging and refereeing.

Areas of Martial Expertise

- the sword of Fiore dei Liberi
- MS I.33 sword and buckler
- langes messer of Lekuchner
- unarmed striking
- bodyweight exercises to improve physical performance

Areas of Martial Interest

- unarmed HEMA, particularly stand-up grappling
- Viking fighting
- medieval and renaissance pole weapons
- non-sword parts of the Flos Duellatorum
- dagger, bowie knife and modern knife
- Roman, hoplite and gladiatorial fighting
- German longsword

Areas of Crafting Competence

- armour and armouring, particularly regarding the later 14th century
- arming clothes