Equipment Rental

Rental prices

We are not seeking to make a vast fortune from providing this service. In fact, we expect that most of the equipment will reach the end of its usable life before we recover our original investment through these borrowing fees. Our goal is to provide a useful service for affiliated clubs to borrow and use gear without having to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds buying it directly at RRP. If it seems expensive to borrow a bag of equipment at these prices, just work out how much it would cost you to buy the same quantity of gear from a retailer at full RRP!

This being said, it would be advantageous for our organisation to recoup a little of its investment on this equipment. Income of this type will go towards maintenance, repairs, replacement, and also the acquisition of new equipment. Without such income, new investments in equipment will be fewer and smaller.

The club must arrange for either postage of the equipment or to collect it themselves. The Academy cannot ferry equipment to and from clubs, other than in very special circumstances where that is the most sensible thing to do in any case; clubs should not rely on this happening, and so should plan on making their own arrangements.

If the equipment must be posted, the Academy will be able to box up the gear and arrange a courier collection in order to post the equipment out to the club, but will bill the club for these costs; the club must bear all costs related to posting equipment to and from the club. The club will also bear liability for the total cost of the equipment while in transit, so purchasing postal insurance might be a sensible investment for the club.

If you would like to see the spreadsheet with prices for the various pieces of equipment available for rental, please contact us and request it. We will send it to you as soon as possible after receiving your message.