Equipment Rental

Terms and Conditions

The club is responsible for bearing the costs of posting/collecting the equipment in both directions, and is also responsible for the condition and safety of the equipment while in transit.

The club is responsible for the condition and safety of the equipment while it is used. A certain amount of wear and tear will of course be expected; wooden swords may splinter a little, masks might receive a couple of small dents or some general dirt and grime, thinner swords such as rapiers or foils may take a set in the blade. This is understandable and expected. However, equipment that returns in inexcusably inferior condition will need to be maintained, repaired or replaced, and the Academy will bill the club for these costs.

The club undertakes to pay all invoices promptly and in full, including any top-up fees for maintenance, repair or replacement.

The club agrees to return the equipment by the agreed date. Failure to do so will incur a further rental charge for another semester, and may result in the club losing its privileges to rent equipment in the future.

If a club takes any liberties with this service or with the equipment, it bears the full liability for any and all costs involved in maintaining, repairing or replacing the equipment, and may lose its privileges to rent further equipment in the future.

The club takes full responsibility and liability for the use of any equipment rented from the Academy. The Academy and its administrators cannot be held responsible for problematic activities or behaviours at club or individual level. Of course, the club will agree to follow all the necessary health and safety rules that would be appropriate for the activities and equipment in question.

The club should endeavour to clean, deburr, and bring the equipment back to a reasonable state of maintenance before returning it to the Academy.

The Academy may refuse a request for any reason, or may impose additional terms and conditions on any particular rental agreement.