The Practice of Martial Arts

Practising in Parks and Public Spaces

The Academy's policy is that no one should choose to practise in a park or other public space unless written permission has been granted from the local council or the appropriate authority. Practising in a public space without written permission may lead to arrest for breach of the peace and/or a weapons crime, along with confiscation of all equipment.

If you want to practise in a park or public space, then approach the local council or the appropriate authority and seek permission to do so. Arrange a date and time, make sure that the authorities know that you are going to be there at that time, and behave in an appropriate, safe and professional fashion while you are there.

If you decide not to follow this policy and find yourself in trouble with the law because of practising in a public space without the necessary permissions, then there is nothing that the Academy can do to help you.

Practising upon Privately Owned Land

If you wish to practise upon privately owned land then you should still seek written permission from the landowner, and follow the same advice as for practising in public spaces.