Sensitive Topics

Reimbursement for Financial Outlay

The Academy of Historical Arts will reimburse its members for expenses and financial outlays incurred on behalf of the Academy, as long as certain criteria are met and the transactions are handled in the correct fashion:

1) the purchase has been discussed with the administrators of the Academy, who must have agreed that the purchase is worth making and is in the best interests of the organisation to make the purchase now.

2) appropriate effort has gone into sourcing the item to achieve the best value for money. If the administrators of the Academy do not believe that good value for money has been achieved then they may choose not to reimburse the purchase, to protect the finances of the organisation.

2.A) Note: the Academy and Corsair's Wares have extensive trade accounts with suppliers all over the UK, Europe and Northern America. Often the organisation will be able to purchase and item more cheaply through one of its trade accounts, and if this is the case, then the organisation will not reimburse anyone who pays retail price for such an item through another store.

3) the purchase is to be used primarily for the benefit of the Academy and its members, and ownership of the purchased goods/services will belong to the Academy. Items bought primarily for personal benefit may not be reimbursed if the administrators of the Academy do not believe that the Academy and its members will receive enough benefit from the purchase.

4) the administrators of the Academy must be presented with a valid and complete receipt or invoice detailing the purchase and the total cost of the purchase. If the supporting paperwork cannot be produced, then the organisation will not make any reimbursement. The organisation must protect its finances and its own accounting processes, so purchases without a valid and complete receipt cannot be reimbursed.

4.A) Note: a valid and complete receipt requires the following pieces of information: date of transaction, legal trading name of the seller, an itemised list of costs, a total value for the cost, any VAT included in the total cost (and the seller's VAT registration details if this is the case). A handwritten receipt can be accepted as long as it includes all the necessary information.

Please remember that the Academy is merely the educational division of a fully registered charitable organisation, and is therefore bound by legislation covering the operation and adminstration of charities in Scotland as well as the United Kingdom. If the purchase is not for a charitable activity, then the Academy administrators may not agree to the purchase. Even if it is for a charitable purpose, the administrators may have other very good reasons to suspend or say no to the purchase.

Reimbursement for Unsolicited Expenses

Regretably, if an individual makes a purchase on behalf of the Academy without first going through the process outlined above, the administrators of the Academy may decide not to provide any reimbursement for the purchase. This is because the administrators have a legal duty to protect the organisation's finances, and unsolicited purchases that do not follow the above process are often poor value for money or otherwise not in the best interests of the organisation.