Organising and Running Tournaments

How Can the Academy Help?

The Academy of Historical Arts can provide substantial help for its affiliated groups. The following options may help to reduce the costs of your event:

- we can help to provide judges/referees for your competition;

- we can provide a day of training for your judging team to prepare them for their role at the event;

- we can provide judging equipment such as coloured flags and staff t-shirts;

- we can provide an Olympic level first aid kit and a qualified first aider;

- we can provide training weapons for the competitors to use;

- we can provide protective gear for the competitors to wear;

- the AHA Short Play and AHA Long Play rules have been developed for ease of deployment at events, and you can use these tried and tested rulesets without having to come up with your own rules;

- we can help administer the event and show you how to plan pools, organise seeding and suchlike;

- we can arrange a Corsair's Wares stall or a Fallen Rook Publishing stall to add another atrraction to your event.

In return for Academy officials helping with the event, we request that they have their expenses paid for them - it is unfair to ask our volunteers to pay for the task of giving up a day or two to help run, officiate or adminstrate at a competition.