Organising and Running Tournaments

Penalising Poor/Unsafe Fighting

The senior instructors of the Academy believe that it is important to penalise competitors who fight without due care and attention to the safety of their opponent. If someone is swingingly wildly or hitting too hard, then the senior referee should warn the fighter, and subsequent warnings should carry penalties. In the same fashion, unclean and messy fighting should be penalised. It is our belief that if competitors do not make an effort to land a clean hit without receiving a hit in turn, then they do not deserve points, and repeated messy beahviour should lead to warnings and penalties.

There is a considerable difference between hitting forecefully with targeting, skill and good body mechanics, and flailing in such a fashion that really hard hits land unsafely on an opponent. The former behaviour is a result of training and skill (although it should be toned down if it is hurting people), the latter is a result of lack of training and lack of skill, and should be discouraged as much as possible.

One of the officials at the event needs to ensure that all the competitors know what kind of force is permitted at the event, what sort of light touches will be discounted, and that poor/unsafe fighting will be penalised.