Personal Development Programme

All of our educational programmes offer scope for personal development in and of themselves, and we also offer a personal development programme to all of the Academy members. This particular programme focuses on key areas to help individuals improve themselves in many aspects of life.

We have received feedback from several participants that the activities, experiences and opportunities provided through this programme have opened doors in terms of employment and advancement within other organisations. Clearly this programme has had a very tangible benefit on the lives of many of its participants!

What do people learn from this programme?

The Academy of Historical Arts is very keen to train people to be able to take leadership and teaching roles. We run an annual teaching and leadership weekend where participants undergo a variety of different activities in order to build teamwork and leadership skills; from problem solving exercises, to specific tasks often undertaken by instructors within the Academy, such as planning a weekend event. In addition, we give lectures on important issues related to teaching, for example different learning styles of which an instructor should be well aware. All these skills are taught with direct connection to the Academy's activities; however, skills of team-work, leadership and teaching are very transferable, and can be useful in many different careers, or at university or school.

Physical self-improvement is also encouraged. The Academy has high expectations when it comes to the physical fitness of members, and instructors work hard to ensure that members can meet these expectations comfortably. We make an effort to run our fencing practices at a reasonably intensive pace, so that while everyone can still keep up, people do break a sweat and start burning calories. Participants of Academy events often provide feedback that the events help them become fitter and more active, and some events even help individuals lose excess weight in a healthy and natural fashion.