The Art of Defence on Foot, 1798

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Roworth, Charles; Ben Kerr and Keith Farrell (eds.). The Art of Defence on Foot, 1798. Glasgow: Fallen Rook Publishing, October 2014.

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In 1798, Charles Roworth published his first edition of The Art of Defence on Foot with the Broadsword and Sabre, uniting the Scotch and Austrian methods into one Regular System. Although not a fencing master himself, Roworth's book provides an easy-to-follow system for a student of the broadsword or sabre. His instructions are clear and presume no prior knowledge of the sword; the book works well for beginners, yet even experienced swordsmen will benefit from Roworth's explanations of and rationales for techniques.

This facsimile has been recreated from the original treatise owned by the Academy of Historical Arts in Glasgow. Each page has been photographed carefully and edited to provide an exacting reproduction of the highest quality. Additionally, the work includes a biography of Charles Roworth by Keith Farrell, and a brief essay by Ben Kerr on the Long-S character found within the original printed text.

Book Details:
- Original Author: Charles Roworth
- Facsimile Creator: Ben Kerr
- Facsimile Editor: Keith Farrell
- Essay Contributor: Ben Kerr
- Essay Contributor: Keith Farrell
- Facsimile Publisher: Fallen Rook Publishing
- Date of Publication: 14th October 2014
- ISBN: 978-0-9926735-2-9
- Binding: Perfect-Bound Paperback
- Pages: 148
- Height: 20.99 cm
- Width: 14.81 cm
- Language: English

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Review - 5th February 2015

Michael Adams wrote a brief review of the book on Amazon:

Really pleased with this book. It may seem a tad pricey, but well worth the cost. Equivalent price to a couple of DVD's that are finished in a day, this book will be used for years. Techniques made very clear by Roworth. Kudos to Ben Kerr (facsimile creator) and Keith Farrell (editor and seller) for doing this. Apart from learning to read the long 'S' - looks like f - crystal clear instruction in use of the broad sword and sabre. Simple techniques that will stay with the student for as long as they use a sword.

Review - 19th November 2014

Scott Nimmo wrote a brief review of the book on Amazon:

A facsimile of Roworths 1798 Edition of The Art of Defence on Foot. There is some excellent work with this photography and processing of the images with the result as clear (if not more) than the original copy they worked from. Includes copies of the figures that cross over pages (which due to the binding lose some of middle) and a brief biography of the author.

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