Highland Broadsword
and Targe

Ben Kerr is undertaking a project to write a pocket book on the Highland fighting method of Broadsword and Targe. The book will contain information on the sources as well as the AHA set of seven basic lessons for the discipline. It will also have information on how to construct a training broadsword and targe so that readers can assemble the tools with which to practise.

The table of contents as it is currently envisaged:

Chapter 1: The Sources
- Donald McBane
- Penicuik Sketches
- Thomas Page

Chapter 2: The Weapons
- The Targe
- The Broadsword

Chapter 3: Training Methods
- Historical
- Modern

Chapter 4: The AHA Method
- Preparation
- Footwork
- Grip
- Stance
- Basic 7 Cuts
- Sequence One
- Sequence Two
- Sequence Three
- Sequence Four
- Sequence Five
- Sequence Six
- Sequence Seven

Chapter 5: Highland Charge
- Source Evidence
- Exercises

Appendix 1: Targe Waster

Appendix 2: Broadsword Waster

Expected Publication Date

The book is expected to be available in 2015.