Of the Single Rapier

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Van Noort, Reinier. Of the Single Rapier. Glasgow: Fallen Rook Publishing, July 2015.

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In 1671, Johannes Georgius Bruchius published the Grondige Beschryvinge van de Edele ende Ridderlijcke Scherm- ofte Wapen-Konste in Leiden, in the Netherlands. In his work, Bruchius described a style of rapier fencing that evolved from the teachings of Fabris. He presents this style through a brief explanation of the principles of fencing followed by 212 lessons.

Bruchius' weapon was the rapier: a dangerous yet elegant sword of the 17th century. Its usage was dynamic and effective, with a focus on personal safety through controlling the opponent's blade. Not only does this treatise discuss bladework by way of thrusts and parries, Bruchius teaches grappling and disarming techniques, and provides many solutions to common problems that occur during fencing practice.

Reinier van Noort first made a draft English translation of Bruchius' treatise available in 2009. In this new book, he presents his fully reworked and improved English translation of this important treatise, along with a detailed biographical study on the fencing master Bruchius.

Reinier van Noort has been researching and teaching rapier fencing since 2010, focusing mainly on the single rapier as used in the Netherlands and Germany in the late 17th century. He has translated the anonymous Vechtboek (UBL BPL 3281), Jéann Daniel L'Ange's Deutliche und gründliche Erklärung der adelichen und ritterlichen freyen Fecht-Kunst, Johann Georg Pascha's Kurtze iedoch Deutliche Beschribung handlend von Fechten auff den Stoß und Hieb, and more. Reinier has been a member of HEMAC since 2010. He received a Best Researcher Award at the 2014 HEMA Scholar Awards.

Book Details:
- Original Author: Johannes Georgius Bruchius
- Translator: Reinier van Noort
- Editors: Alwin Goethals, Keith Farrell
- Illustrators: Reinier van Noort, Ivan Čurić
- Publisher: Fallen Rook Publishing
- Date of Publication: 9th July 2015
- ISBN: 978-0-9926735-8-1
- Binding: Perfect-Bound Paperback
- Pages: 151
- Height: 17.78 cm
- Width: 22.86 cm
- Language: English

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Addenda & Errata

Missing plate "Mm"

We regret that an error crept into the book during the layout phase, when the final illustration (plate Mm) was deleted from the draft manuscript by accident. This cannot be corrected in a simple reprint, as it will require substantial changes to layout, and so we must work on a new edition to fix this problem. The 2nd edition of the book will follow in the next few months, although we cannot give a more accurate estimate of timescale than that. In the meantime, if you have bought a copy of the book already, please download the missing illustration, so that you can print it and slot it into your book.

Our sincere apologies for this error.