Elizabeth Thacker

This is the library page for the personal research work undertaken, completed and made available to the public by Elizabeth Thacker.

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Notable Blog Articles

- Dragon mythology

- King Stephen's position on the eve of the Battle of Lincoln

- Women on the stage

- Did Anne Boleyn or Jane Seymour intentionally seek to be queen?

- Mid-Tudor crisis: no, there was not a mid-Tudor crisis

- Mid-Tudor crisis: yes, there was a mid-Tudor crisis

- Defining Celticity

- Absolute monarchy in the early modern period

- Oliver Cromwell, hero or villain?

- Was there a purpose to Elizabeth I's marriage game?

- How influential was Queen Matilda to the history of the reign of King Stephen?

- Bardic poetry of Medieval Ireland has been described as "highly political and historical" and a contemporary source of great value. What does it reveal about the society in which it was commissioned?

- To what extent were peasant revolts of the late middle ages fundamentally different from urban revolts in idealogy, leadership and causes?

- How important was Arianism to barbarian identity, and why?

- Changing language, changing lives

- Emotion in recorded history: is it possible to be over emotive about "the Clearances?" Assess the stances taken by various historians since the nineteenth century when discussing the removal of population from the Scottish Highlands.

- The failure of Anglo-Norman lords to conquer their Celtic neighbours.

- Seeing beauty: how women are shown in history. How did the role of women affect how they were portrayed artistically and within written sources?

- It's always been about fashion! Decorative textiles through the ages.

- Twelfth century: renaissance or dark ages?

- William the Conqueror: lucky bastard or gifted leader?